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    Recreate WSUS Report - Computer Tabular Status


      Could someone help me please recreating a WSUS report in Patch Manager as I'm still trying to get my head round it all?

      I want to be able to report on which servers are missing critical and security updates, below is what I run in WSUS, just like to be able to recreate it for all groups and the option to narrow it down to specific groups.


      • Reports
      • Computer Tabular Status
      • Include update in these classifications - Critical Updates, Security Updates
      • Include update for these products - I leave this to all, but in terms of Patch Manager we don't use it for 3rd party, just Microsoft updates if that helps.
      • Include computers from these Groups - All Computers (I would like to know how to pick specific groups also).
      • Include computers that have a status of - Needed, Failed.



      Thanks in advance, much appreciated.