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    How to collect log information from TM Officescan


      I found a KB talking about how LEM collects TM Officescan log information.


      Set up Officescan syslog messages with LEM - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support


      However, Officescan Server 11 doesn't support sending out log in syslog format actually........


      Any one is using LEM to collect Officescan's logs?



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          Hi Ray,


          Apologies for the inaccurate documentation, we'll get the KB updated.


          As per this Trend Micro KB, notifications are automatically sent to the Windows Event Log on the OfficeScan server. In order to collect those logs on your OfficeScan you need to install the LEM agent on that server. Once the agent is installed, it will appear under Manage -> Nodes on the LEM web console. Select the gear icon next to your OfficeScan server and click 'Connectors'. You can then search for the OfficeScan connector, create a new instance of the connector and start it. You should then see OfficeScan logs appearing in your LEM web console.


          If you have any difficulties or questions let me know.

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