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    How to  Prevent WHD from creating tickets for Emails with RE: or FW: on the subject line


      This is the scenario:

      1. Client will send an email to whd email regarding an issue - let's say the subject is  "Issue 1"

      2. WHD will create a ticket and send an email to the client with a subject  "Ticket #1 - Issue 1"

      3. Client will reply from his previous email and not from the email of whd - subject will become "RE: Issue 1"

      4. Whd will create another ticket for the same issue


      I believe this is possible with using the Filter in the email options. We had created a filter "(?i)RE:" this should block tickets with RE: or re: on the subjects but when we tested it tickets are still being created.


      I would like to ask for help regarding this because this is really affecting our system. We already so much  cancelled tickets because of this