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    Looking for Node Up/Down Time


      Hello, I used to be fairly efficient in SQL, but its one of those things that you use it or lose it. Well Ive lost it as I am not a DBA, but more geared toward server and storage engineering.


      I need help writing a report that shows Node Up/Down time in percentages for a specific group of machines. The specific group of machines has VDI and Exchange in their Node Name properties.


      Id like the report to show Node Name, IP, Percentage Up time, if a Node was down, how many minutes it was down. It would be setup as an automated email on the first of each month for stats for the previous month. For example on July 1st, I would get an email that had stats for June's up/down time.


      Ive found some various reports that incorporate these things, but dont know where to begin to piece them together into a single uniform report. Can someone help me out here?

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          Create a web report, for the datasource use 'node' and specify the two node name prefixes using the 'contains' option and add an 'or' in between them.


          Use node name, IP address, average availability and timestamp fields:

          Set a schedule for 1st of every month and configure the email action.


          This will give you all specified criteria except the total minutes of outage.