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    SWIS Fails when querying uninitialized Date/Time fields in NodesCustomProperties


      I've run into a strangeness dealing with SWQL/SWIS.  If I use the following query in SWQL Studio, it works fine.  If I attempt to run the same query via SWIS (python flavor), I get a strange error.


      I created a (Node) Custom Property called SLA_Sync_Time which is defined as a Date/Time custom property: not required, no default value.


      Here's the (simple/sample) query:

           SELECT TOP 10 NodeID, SLA_Sync_Time from Orion.NodesCustomProperties


      When I run this in SWQL Studio, I get the 10 rows I would expect.


      The python code looks like so:

      import requests

      import orionsdk


      npm_server = '<server>'

      npm_user = '<user>'

      npm_password = '<password>'


      swis = orionsdk.SwisClient(npm_server, npm_user, npm_password)


      sql = "SELECT TOP 10 NodeID, SLA_Sync_Time from Orion.NodesCustomProperties"

      print swis.query(sql)['results']


      This produces the following error:

            requests.exceptions.HTTPError: 400 Client Error: Cannot set Column 'SLA_Sync_Time' to be null. Please use DBNull instead.


      This is weird in that (a) I'm not trying to 'set' anything (so the message is particularly scary) and (b) it works in SWQL.


      I have a few of these Date/Time properties, and all of them generate the same error.


      What's the best work-around?  Set a default date (I'd rather not, as that puts bogus data in my DB)?  Update all of the fields to contain a DBNull (how)?