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    Tech License behavor.


      I would like to know how the tech license behaves. By that I mean if you have a license for 100 people does this mean that your application can only hold 100 tech accounts? Or is it more of a floating privilege where you can have more that 100 techs in an environment but only 100 logged in at the same time? I was unable to find any documentation on this subject.

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          You are correct..."floating privilege where you can have more than 100 techs in an environment but only 100 logged in at the same time."

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            WHD is typically licensed on an  "active named Tech" basis.   e.g. if you had a license for 2 Techs, those could be:

                JOHN DOE

                MARY SUE

            Technically you could have a 3rd named Tech in the system but only 2 of the 3 could be "Active" at any given time, like this:

                 JOHN DOE   (active)

                 MARY SUE   (active)

                BOB ARCTOR  (inactive)


            In the scenario above where you have John, Mary, and Bob - if you wanted Bob to be able to log in as a Tech, you would need to go into the system and mark John or Mary as inactive, then mark Bob as active.



            To make it slightly more confusing - there is an option for concurrent licensing (where, for example, i could have 100 active Techs but only 20 of them can be logged in at the same time).

            That type of concurrent license is VERY rare, however.  99% of WHD customers would not have a concurrent license...so you would probably already know it if you had one. 

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