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    How to limit the alerts you see when logging into Solarwinds


      I'm trying to make the solawinds login more usable for each of the groups that log into it.


      For example. I have a Node called PRODSQL.


      We have Team A that gets email alerts when a SQL query is run against it comes back with a value of 1


      We also have a custom field called "Owner" configured and set to Database team. This signifies that the team responsible for the server itself is our Database team. They should receive all the alerts for disk space, cpu, etc etc and DO NOT receive the alerts that TEAM A gets when the sql query comes back with a value of 1.


      The configuration of the alerts is pretty straight forward and works as expected.


      In hopes to limit the alerts our Database team see's when they log into the website I configured an AD group called "SolarWinds-Database". I then setup a group to use a dynamic query to find any servers with the custom field "owner" = Database. I then setup the AD group in account management and restricted it to the Database group that uses the dynamic query.


      This works as expected however it showed a flaw in my logic.


      Because the node owner is owned by the "Database" team they are seeing all the alerts that are intended for TEAM A.


      Is there any way that I can define Group A only sees the alerts intended for Group A. and Group B for Group B. ect ect.



      Bill Reuschlein