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    Questions about new dashboard view & setup


      Hello Everyone!


      I have recently been tasked with setting up more in depth monitoring of all of our locations, but am having trouble on how to create the views I would like to implement.


      We already have the main view that separates nodes by city and status, but I would like to create a new dashboard that allows us to create a map to each location for greater visibility.



      Example -

      Critical Site Dashboard

      Map Icon 1 - FL

      Map Icon 2 - IL

      Map Icon 3 - CO



      within each map I'd like to create 3 columns

      Columm 1 : Network Devices

      Column 2: Storage Devices

      Column 3 : Server Devices



      The issue I am running into is displaying information for each of these nested groups. I have a group created for the overall location, and then the 3 sub groups mentioned above into the main location group.

      When I go to create a new view, I am unable to display statistics for the availability of Only Network Devices in Column 1, and Availability of only Storage Devices in Column 2.

      When creating a new view, I am unsure of what type of pre-set view to choose as different views give different options to monitor.

      I would like a custom chart to display all nodes for each group initially on each column, and then i can dive into specific nodes for items Id like to monitor below such as ingress/egress, errors&discards, etc.

      Is it possible to display information on both groups, and individual nodes within a single view?



      Any guidance and links to tutorials would be greatly appreciated