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    NPM 12.0.1 Groups and interfaces




      We've started using groups but they only seem to work on nodes, I can have 40 interfaces down and everything looks nice and happy and green.


      Is there anyway to propagate the interface status up the group tree, either via the usual flashing red little square or can I make an interface going down change the node to warning status so the group would go yellow?


      For now we have to have the nodes with problems resource along side the group resource to capture interfaces going down.




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          Does this work for you?  (Note step 7...you want the 'mixed' option I believe...between best case and worst case)   https://support.solarwinds.com/Success_Center/Network_Performance_Monitor_(NPM)/Update_the_node_group_status_to_show_down_when_one_of_the_child_interfaces_goes_down





          Update the node group status to show "down" when one of the child interfaces goes down      


          Table of contents
          1. Overview
          2. Environment
          3. Steps




          This article describes the procedure such that the group status changes when the status of any interface on any of the nodes within the group changes. By default, when the interface is down on a node, which is a member of a group, the group status does not change as the node is still up.


          All NPM versions


          1. On the Orion console, go to Settings > Manage Groups.
          2. Select the group.
          3. Select Add New Group to create a subgroup.
          4. Create a group of the interface.
          5. Add all the interfaces from the nodes in your main group.
          6. Expand the Advanced Option.
          7. Select Show Worst Status.
          8. Select Save. This creates a subgroup of interfaces that will change the Parent group status to "down" when one of the interfaces goes down.


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              Hi - Thanks for the reply, just tested this and it works perfectly, I didn't realise I could add interfaces to a group, not sure why I never made that mental leap when I already discovered you can have netpaths in a gruop.


              anyway it's more work but it will do the job.


              Would be nice if there was just a tick box so when you add a node you can add all monitored interfaces at the same time!


              Once again d09h - Thanks for the answer.