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    How are you utilizing NetPath?


      When I saw NetPath originally I think I choked up a bit at first. My managers and directors absolutely love it and I use it often when there's an issue to see if any paths between our remote and local sites has changed. That or if there was an error during the time-frame specified. Since we're adding more connectivity between sites, adding sites, improving paths etc. -- very helpful.


      The one drawback unfortunately is the timeout on the web UI, my management would love to see this on one of the NOC touch screens. The view always times out, and the local sql (for NOC only) user account is not set to timeout. Perhaps I'll turn this into a feature request as necessary, don't believe there's one like this yet, unless there's a cool setting I could change somewhere.


      Curious if anyone else has thought of using NetPath in a NOC, or perhaps a scheduled PDF report sent with a NetPath trace sent out weekly. That's an existing feature request sort of Export NetPath to PDF/Image . Even just being able to manually export would be awesome. Truly helps show dev, and engineers alike what paths their traffic actually will traverse as opposed to doing a one-off, manual route trace.


      Cheers everybody!