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    Custom status notice help


      I've been tasked with showing if any of our Cisco switches or routers are down. Once I had that completed, I was then asked to have a "status green" flag somehow. Here's what I currently show when everything is up:


      If everything is up, then the box is empty. Management would like to have a green check mark icon, or something to show that all is good in switch and router world.


      I get the status box shown above by customizing the Filter Nodes (SQL) box with Vendor=Cisco AND Status=2 shown here:


      Does anyone have any ideas on how to display something showing "All is good" instead of just a blank box? Thanks!

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          Here's a way that could do it on the 'All Nodes' resource I believe. The benefit of doing it with the method below is it won't ONLY show down nodes. It would sort all by status whatever that may be, up, down, etc. What version of NPM are you running?




          Also maybe something of a customized (this one's default but you get the idea) group view like this: