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    VMAN Bulk Inventory Filters entry?


      EDIT: After some more looking around through the documentation, it looks like the Inventory Filters is just for WMI data that VMAN queries.  It looks like it won't actually exclude the VM from being seen at all by VMAN.  That would have to be done at the VMware permissions level, correct?  It's a bit confusing because on the Inventory Filters screen itself it only mentions changing permissions to prevent items being monitored by VMAN at the Host level.  Considering we do want all ESX hosts monitored by VMAN but only certain VM's monitored, what is the best way to accomplish this?


      I've got several hundred IP Subnets to put in as Inventory Filters in VMAN.  Is there a faster way I can do this than manually entering them?


      Yes, I know I could go to my VM Admins and have them limit permissions for the account that VMAN is using, but I don't have complete faith that they would do it correctly on their end, plus we still want to monitor the hosts that the VM's we don't want monitored live on.


      What we want is all hosts monitored, but only production VM's monitored.  I've got a list of all of our production subnets and masks but having to enter them one at a time in the VMAN Inventory Filters screen is for the birds...  I tried looking through the directory structure using WinSCP to the VMAN server, but couldn't find where this data may be kept.  I am guessing it is kept in the database on the VMAN server and not in a config file somewhere.


      If it is kept in the database is there a direct command I can use to import all of these subnets in or can someone point me to the config file if that's where the data is kept?  I want to get all of these in here so we can monitor the stuff we want without all of the junk we don't but I feel like I'll be doing this forever if I do it one at a time...