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    NPM - Virtualisation - Cant see Cluster but can see Hyper-V nodes


      Hi all,

      We are using NPM 12.1 and Virtualization Manager


      We have four Hyper-V clusters, 3 x 08R2 and 1 x 2012R2.


      The three 08R2 clusters and their corresponding nodes can be seen in Solarwinds fine (as per the screenshot). The 2012R2 cluster and its three corresponding nodes (with a red dot) should also appear in a cluster but they don't. VM sees the nodes and the cluster resource.


      Is anyone able to shed some light?


      The silly thing is that it was all working fine, but 1 node had an RPC error. A reboot didn't clear it so I thought adding the Solarwinds agent to the node would at least allow communication. That caused the node to come out of the cluster, leaving the other 2 nodes in it.


      I decided to remove all three nodes fully from NPM and re-add them. This has placed me in my current situation.