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    NBAR(2) configuration on Cisco Nexus 7700


      I've got some new Cisco Nexus 7710 with brandnew NX-OS 8.0(1) which i want to use as cores for my access-layer.

      Today i've tried to get nbar working but i can't find the relevant commands.


      I found this on cisco page:

      Enabling Protocol Discovery on an Interface
      Perform this task to enable protocol discovery on an interface.


      1.    enable
      2.    configure terminal
      3.    interface type number [name-tag]
      4.    ip nbar protocol-discovery [ipv4 | ipv6]
      5.    end


      On my router it looks like:

      (config)# int eth1/1

      (config-if)# ip nbar ?


      % Invalid command at '^' marker.


      Orion config example shows:

      flow record NTArec

           match ipv4 tos

           collect counter bytes

           collect counter packets

           collect application name


      My router shows;

      (config-flow-record)# collect ?

           counter    Counters to collect

           low       Flow identifying fields    

           ip         IP attributes

           routing    Routing attributes

           timestamp  Timestamp fields

           transport  Transport layer fields


      The feature is enabled:

      Feature Name        Instance      State

      --------------------      --------          -----

      netflow                   1                  enabled


      Does anybody know how to get NBAR configured on the Cisco Nexus Chassis?