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    Automatic placing objects on maps


      I recently inherited a SolarWinds system which consists of NPM 12.1 and a number of other things. It is my understanding that we can create maps and automatically place place nodes on the map. I googled and came across an article in the SolarWinds documentation titled "Place nodes automatically on the Worldwide Map", which tells me how to activate this feature. So far so good. The page specifically mentions "Cisco device". Does this mean this function only works with Cisco devices?


      I found another article titled "Understanding Geolocation in NPM". This contains basically the same information without a reference to Cisco. However, I cannot find specifics about how to *really* configure this feature. For example, I would like to find information on how configure the SNMP device. Do I input the location information in the daemon configuration as, e.g. SysLocation. So using the longitude and latitude it would look like this:

      syslocation  "50.257771,10.966031"


      I made the change and restarted the SNMP daemon, but the map on the start page remains unchanged.


      I know that I am probably missing about a dozen steps in the configuration but I cannot find any place in the documentation that tells me where to start and what steps are necessarily.


      I would be extremely grateful for any assistence.