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    Give feedback on WHD get 3,000 points


      Hello WHD users,


      I am working with the Web Help Desk team to better understand how you are using WHD, what you like about it, and what you think could be improved. For those that participate (an hour webex call with me) we will be giving away 3,000 thwack points.


      If you are intersted and/or willing, please email me at katie.cole@solarwinds.com and we can get a time set up. Thanks!

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          Our (UK) reseller for WHD just asked me today why I have declined to renew my company's WHD support agreement.  You can have a copy of my reply to them for free, below.  [I have redacted the reseller's name as the issues are clearly not of their making]:



          Over the new year's holiday we updated from WHD to 12.4.2.


          I can only describe this as a disaster:


          - Pretty much every new feature is sufficiently badly designed and/or implemented as either to limit its usability for us, or make it completely unusable.  [Some new functionality has the effect of trashing pre-existing tickets; specifically the, frankly, f**k-witted implementation of the feature that presents notes back and forth in problem/incident parent/child tickets.]


          - Some pre-existing functionality has been broken.


          - Obvious bugs that were in are still present in 12.4.2 .


          I can only assume Solar Winds has idiots for product managers, even bigger idiots for developers; and that they don't have anyone doing usability testing of new features, or anyone doing regression testing.


          We have implemented a number of workarounds at the database SQL level to mitigate the worst of the agony; to the extent it would now be even more painful for us to install any further release from Solar Winds.


          There are tickets/correspondence, earlier in the year, with your colleagues at **********; but they really only represent the tip of the iceberg.  It just gets worse.



          I should add that we did a number of test upgrades, and a significant amount of testing, during 3Q16 and 4Q16.  We developed SQL workarounds for the issues we encountered during our testing that would have prevented us upgrading.  Unfortunately, the full extent of the agony only really became apparent in the first couple of months of 2017.

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            I sent you an email, i am in for feedback.

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              I think byrona will have some good feedback. 

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                Hi katieb,


                I have emailed you the feedback earlier.
                I have also raised few ideas. I want you to kindly look into those feature request as they are quite important for the product.

                Overall the product is still naive as compared to other ITSM tools.


                Just went through the release notes of 12.5.1.


                Few good features and fixes.

                I was expecting the Asset Dashboard feature as we had a very fruitful discussion with mbussey

                Also few more important features like Administrator account that does not use up a tech license  Client Admin Dashboards  Ticket Approval process should be visible to clients  There should be an option for minimum Disapprovers or Reject CAB members. (One CAB member rejection should reject the ticket)


                Configs and certificates management through web UI is a good feature.


                But, overall a weak and below expectation update.

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                  WHD sigh ..


                  Our customers have resigned to the fact that this product is not mainstream business for Solarwinds. May suit a SMB customer but is not "Enterprise grade".


                  • Interface is clunky, UX team can kindly step in here
                  • Form design or workflows cannot be customised to the level of an Enterprise requirement
                  • Reports and Dashboards need a complete overhaul
                  • Workflow approval process customization is required - Approval & Rejection status to be visible to the user opening the request / ticket, logic for approval & rejection (example - minimum one approval, minimum one rejection, majority approval, majority rejection and so on)
                  • Asset Dashboards have seen some enhancements but not yet Enterprise grade
                  • Tighter intergration with other Solarwinds products like NPM, NCM, SAM, LEM
                  • PinkVERIFY certification (ITSM that's ITIL based)


                  Many other points as raised by chinmaychavan tml


                  Pls do something dramatic .. turn WHD into a Solarwinds class product

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