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    SCCM Catalog Connection Failed Error


      Any ideas on what this error could be relating to?


      The SCCM console is on the Patch Manager server and I have allowed local updates to be syncronised. I have verified the port is the correct one and restarted the EWGS service.


      Any understanding on how this is connecting would be beneficial as I cant find too much information around Patch Manager and SCCM integration or what is expected to happen.

        • Re: SCCM Catalog Connection Failed Error

          Is this after launching the SCCM console and browsing to the 3rd party updates view in there? 

          If so, try closing the SCCM console, then open it by right-clicking the icon for it and choose the option to "run as administrator"


          The main benefit of the Patch Manager integration with the SCCM console is just that you can easily browse to / select the packages that you wish to deploy and Publish them into SCCM from within the SCCM console (instead of having to do that action from the native Patch Manager console).