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    Can I search "configuration-summary" with boolean operators


      Compliance reports tell us which network devices do not have a specific statement.


      I know that I can use 'config summary' under NCM to see which devices do have a specific line .


      I tried & failed to use the "NOT" operand of "!" (exclaimation point).


      Is there a way to learn which devices do not have a specific line of code using the configuration summary tool.
      (much faster than going thru compliance reports)


      I needed to know which devices were not logging to one of my logging servers.

      I tried to enter "  ! logging",, but that did not work.


      Is there a boolean operand that will work in Config summary.


      I do want to get some quick info as to which devices are missing standard configurations entries.

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          I LIKE EGGS



          i have also tried what you did and cant use 'OR' 'AND' or use the pipe incase that worked.. but nope.. this sounds like a good candidate for a feature request id def vote up


          Realizing it didn't work.. i decided to make my own 'search' feature lol using SQL below, it simply check configures over the last 7 days and you can use boolen here.


           SELECT n.Caption, ca.ConfigTitle,ConfigType,ca.Config
           FROM NCM_ConfigArchive ca
           INNER JOIN NCM_Nodes nc ON ca.NodeID = nc.NodeID --AND ca.ConfigType = 'Running' -- specify what config to search 
           INNER JOIN Nodes n ON n.NodeID = nc.CoreNodeID -- join nodes for caption 
           WHERE (ca.DownloadTime > dateadd(day,-7,getdate())) -- number of days to which you want to look for config 
            -- below is actual search config can be like anything with LIKE AND OR can be used to search..
            AND (Config NOT like '%logging ver%' OR Config NOT like '%verbose%' )
            --you can now also remore captions from the search 
            AND Caption not in ('node1','node2','node3') --AND (n.Vendor not like 'cisco')


          let me know if it works for you.. i only threw it together over the last 15 minutes..