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    SWQL Queries to get all templates assigned to a group?


      Hi All,


      I'm a relative newbie to SWQL, although have used similar things quite a bit elsewhere. I'm (ultimately) trying to assign a handful of Application Templates to a large number of Groups (of nodes). I've been fiddling around and can get a list of all the groups I need to check and setup. I can get all the entities inside a group and can get their type, so I can recurse through the group list. I can also get a list of all the templates on the system. What I need help with is to get the templates assigned to a group? (I can supply the group name or it's ID)


      My plan is recurse through the list of groups. For each group (not node), I'd like to find out what templates are assigned. I'll then do some regex matches to make sure some basic templates are there - if they're not there, then I'll need to assign them. Ideally I'll do all that using the SDK too, although just getting lists would already be helpful.


      Any ideas?