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    report percent disk used, with conditional format


      It is possible to create a report with conditional formatting that indicates different colors by a certain percentage.


      for example

      <49% Green

      > 50% Yellow

      > 80% Red

      The report is needed in PDF


      I need to do this just for hard drives, But it only comes out this way (image)




      Percent Disk Used.JPG

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          I'm not so sure SolarWinds reporting could do the color formatting.. but here's a way you could achieve the same separation of your data which might work for you. Set this up quick so you could probably put some TLC into it and make it look better but here you go.


          Since you have a volume report already you could easily copy it, adding a couple tables. I like to create one table, then duplicate and add a different data source. So your 3 areas would be the volume usage percentages (your thresholds). Now that I think about it, there may be a way to do this with storage capacity planning thresholds on the volume. However I haven't cracked that nut yet... I would have thought that changing the capacity planning threshold may set the status of the volume to warning, or critical when surpassed but that's not the case. There is a chart specifically for it though..


          Creating the layout, I made 3 sections, each with a table, and each their own data source.




          Then I made the tables columns, grouping by node, and sorting by percent used.



          Then implement your data sources.



          Next data source...



          Hopefully this helps!