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    REST API for scheduling unmanaging a node?


      Hey all-I've submitted a ticket to support, but it seems they don't fully support the API/SDK. I'm building a script for merging the downtime submission for several disparate monitoring systems and calendars via their respective APIs, but I've run into a bit of a snag with SolarWinds' implementation. I've managed to pull a full list of nodes and populate a select box and then pass that on to build the loop to submit the downtime and it works on other tools, but in ORION/NPM, all the examples I can find suggest NodeID is the only field by which you can make POST requests. Has anyone else had any experience using something like NodeDescription or the like? I'd like a human-readable name for use here and would prefer to avoid creating/manipulating databases in my script to be able to match NodeNames to NodeIDs.




      Error with REST/JSON while trying to unmanage node


      ^^ just some starting points. I'm happy to post the code I have already here, but I haven't gone far down this path yet-I'd like to confirm whether this is something that's possible with another match field other than NodeID before I go coding too much...