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    Automatic Interface Import on Existing Nodes


      I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to automatically (on a set schedule) import interfaces into NPM if the device is already being monitored.


      Here's my scenario...I have just over 300 network devices being monitored, mostly Cisco switches. Ports that I'd like to be monitored have ":MON" added to the end of the port description within the switch config. During the initial NPM import, I used the advanced filtering options to only add based on the interface alias for ports that contained, ":MON". This worked perfectly and was a huge timesaver!


      What I'd like to do is automate this on a scheduled basis. If I update the port description on a switch to contain, ":MON", I want NPM to periodically scan devices and add that interface into monitoring. I setup an automatic discovery with the same settings as the original import. For some reason it's not importing new port descriptions.


      Does anyone know if this is possible or have any suggestions?