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    Can I remove nodes from an alert that looks at "all objects in my environment"?


      As nodes are added to my environment the up/down status is captured by a node down alert where the scope is set to look at "all objects in my environment".  As I configure new more specific alerting groups I would like to remove some of the nodes from the "general" alert so duplicate alerts are not created.  I am not ready to delete the general alert as there are over 2K nodes and I am not ready to assign them all a specific alert. Any ideas?

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          I LIKE EGGS

          This is one of them things where you can use custom properties to filter out and filter in nodes based on status changes.

          I would start grouping by either nodes  impact or nodes environment something like n_impact or n_env as an example..


          Once you have categorised nodes etc you can now start building the alerts based on the grouping you defined..

          where status = 2 and n_env = prod


          I'm not going to lie here but I really don't like this type of alerting it's not easy to manage and you can forget to add nodes into specific groups that have been designated by the custom properties and allot of manual intervention..


          Here's is what I do, I create custom properties group the nodes etc but only  use one alert with this one alert use variables to build subject lines for emails so it looks like your getting different alerts but only getting one alert..


          I only really use custom properties for overrides or grouping for sites.


          Hope this helps there are a few different ways to do this but the custom properties are very powerful and give you the ability to create what ever you like