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    Issues installing an additional polling engine?


      Long time Solarwinds user here (NPM, NCM, SAM, WPM).  Recently attempted to install an additional polling engine.  Our architecture is Centralized, and was adding a remote poller to make the architecture 'centralized with a remote poller'.  After establishing a new VM in the remote location, opening the required ports, and updating our primary polling engine to the latest releases, I attempted to install the APE.  First attempt was unsuccessful, and I opened case # 1160476.  After several calls/webex with support, they had me uninstall all SW software on the remote VM.  I had installed the 'recommended' download which was a 'package' of all remote pollers.  They advised it's 'problematic' and said I'd need to install the individual poller software for each SW module.  Once that was complete, the new polling engine showed as active in the web console, and I began moving nodes to it.


      Ever since the installation, I get the following error when attempting to edit ANY device.   All other functionality appears to be working correct.

      So I opened case # 1164037 and provided screenshots of the error, and SW Diagnostics.  Support kicked this to an application engineer, who advised the issue was resolved with a hotfix provided.  I installed the hotfix, but it did not resolve the issue.  It's been several days and I'm still unable to edit any nodes/devices.  Anyone else experience this, or have any suggestions?