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    Maintenance Mode Expiration Countdown

      Has anyone built anything similar to this before?

      I put this together in MS Paint


      Purpose of this resource would be to show the NOC team when a server or appliance is about to come out of maintenance.

      They can at that point reach out to the infrastructure team responsible for performing the maintenance and find out if more time is needed or everything is good to go.

      This can help prevent false outage tickets being created. There are actually many other uses for this resource.


      Please review and let us know what you think. and most importantly how this can be done.




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          it should be fairly easy as a custom SWSQL query resource... there are many examples of this around thwack


          noting that the first column will always be the unmanaged icon.

          the second would be the node caption, plus a link to the node details page

          third colum is the time left before the node becomes remanaged.

          Ticket# -- I think 12.1 includes an unmanage reason you could put the reason there.


          ticket# and Type is harder -- where would you get those from? if you have a custom property it could go there but...


          As you cannot upvote this: https://thwack.solarwinds.com/ideas/1018#start=25 I suggest you also open a case with SolarWinds to ensure it's on the development plan as anything with "we're working on this" can get forgotten and gets no more votes.





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              thanks, yes there is a custom property we have for ticket number.

              the ticket text is a hyperlink which takes you to the service-now ticket.


              i have the names of all the columns but not sure what the querry should look like









              also, i am not sure what "UnManageUntil" shows. does it show the actual time when the maintenance window expires or how many hours/minutes left.


              in my column i need to show how much time is left.

              so if thats not what it shows, will some formula need to be applied?

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              No answer yet. here is what works:



              Select StatusLed,Caption,CAST((UnManageUntil-CURRENT_TIMESTAMP) as time(0)) 'Time Remaining',Enterprise,Ticket_Number AS 'Ticket'

              From Nodes

              Where UnManageUntil < DATEADD(HOUR, 1, GETDATE()) AND UnManaged = '1'




              You may have other custom properties you'd like to add, but this is pretty much it.


              After a day of Googling and some refinement from our local unicorn it is working.