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    Metrics for Oracle ASM Disk Space


      Is there a way to make custom metrics for ASM disk space used? I tried the ways I know and it would only let me know do it for 1 diskgroup and not show them all.


      I have alert setup to let me know when they reach 95% full, but would be nice to have built in graph that i can look at anytime and see where the diskgroups stand.

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          There may be a couple of limitations with this request:

          • We are connected to the Oracle instance being monitored, not the ASM instance
          • We can currently plot a custom metric for one value at a time

          Given these limitations, can you query the v$asm_diskgroup view from the monitored instance? If yes, we should be able to pull some data that can be summed (aggregated). Or, you may have to setup a metric for each diskgroup to show used space.


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              Yes, I currently have alert set up using the query below to show % used. It alerts us at 95%. Would just be great to see a status check anytime we wanted



                  name                                     group_name

                , ROUND((1- (free_mb / total_mb))*100, 2)  pct_used



              ORDER BY




              Our main groups are pretty standard. Should +DATA and +FRA. So if we need to set u pa metric for each of those that might work.


              With that said, is there a way to put 'ASM' as one of the columns on the main DPA page to show warnings / errors? Would rather have it in that group then in Disk resources.