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    MAP - Drilling down on nodes only once




      This may be simple or difficult, but our customer wants to be able to click on one node within the map (RED) which directly displays which node is down.

      They do not want to drill down which takes four clicks until it gets to the root problematic node as to why the icon is RED.

      any ideas?


      We have hundreds of nodes on our map and instead of checking other parts of SolarWinds for the down nodes, they drill down on the map to get to the device.

      They are getting annoyed w/ drilling down (clicking on the red icon) several times until it displays which node is actually down.



      Thanks Thwackers,


      - Wessens

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          Which style map are they using?  I know on the Network Atlas when you put your mouse over the pin, it will show what the node/group/application is.  I'm not sure about how it works on the World Map.

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              We use the Global Network Map.

              When hovered upon (Red icon/node) it definitely displays what nodes are down. though it takes four clicks to drill down on the same icon to its location until it begins to appear on the right side w/ clickable nodes (down nodes and remaining nodes in that group/icon).


              My customers want to be able to click on the icon from the map once followed by a display of clickable nodes on the right side instead of four clicks until they get there. Basically not wanting to drill down.


              - Wessens