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    Node ManageMent via API


      I have not submitted to many "How To's" But this one below saved me a massive amount of time.  I hope it does the same for someone else.


      We have a large environment with a decent amount of hyper V servers.  Keeping nodes on specific engines due to network scans was always a trouble.  I have a few scripts that were recently executed in Prod that worked wonderfully.  I was able to re-allocate 10,000 nodes in a matter of minutes (about 15 total).  In this SolarWinds instance IP address determines polling engine.  For whatever reason (must have a lot of Hyper V) our Hyper V licensing will get extremely close to maxing out, even while the general polling capacity has plenty of room.


      The script below does the following


      -Identifies all devices in the specified ranges

      -ensures they are not hyper V

      -ensures they are not already on poller 5.  I did not want the API executing changes not necessary.

      -Places them on poller 5


      $ErrorActionPreference = 'Stop'


      #Add the snapin
      Add-PSSnapin SwisSnapin


      #create a connection to solarwinds

      $hostname = 'X'
      $username = 'X'
      $password = 'X'


      #swis = Connect-Swis -Hostanme $hostname -Trusted
      $swis = Connect-Swis -Hostname $hostname -Username $username -Password $password

      $targetEngineId =@{ EngineId = 5; }


      $uris = Get-SwisData $swis "SELECT uri FROM Orion.Nodes WHERE (ip_address LIKE '100.0.%' OR ip_address LIKE '100.15.%' OR ip_address LIKE '100.17.%' OR ip_address LIKE '100.20.%' OR ip_address LIKE '100.21.%') AND (MachineType <> 'Hyper-V Server') AND (EngineId = '1' OR EngineId = '3' OR EngineId = '2 OR EngineId = '4' OR EngineId = '4')"


      # Line below must be un-comment for this to work

      #$uris | Set-SwisObject $swis -properties $targetEngineId

      #Checked  the found URI's prior to submitting.  Comment out line below when satisfied with results



      All this fun would not of been possible without the community, thanks!