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    Realtime Change detection - Update Email?


      My main objective is to configure realtime change detection for specific nodes.


      So far I've had zero luck, but maybe by using the built in realtime change emails it can work.


      But the built in email doesn't have links to the node, config manager, etc.

      simply plain text with almost no information.


      Can the content of that email be edited?

      Where is it stored?


      I tried using the alert manager and failed miserably.

      it want's to send alerts from x date and I can't figure out how to make it for recent changes only.

      .ie make x a variable instead of a set date in time. When it did send those emails they were worse that the one listed below.





      Sample email:




      SolarWinds, Inc. SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager


      Real-Time Configuration Change Detection




      5/18/2017 11:40:45 AM : Started RTN :


      Config for v-pafdadas.viadfasd.org ( has changed (Differ from last Config)


      Downloaded and saved Running Config



      5/18/2017 11:40:52 AM : Completed RTN :

      Execution time : 6 seconds