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    Best practice - order to configure modules?

    Al Ma

      I know that its a tricky question because on one side the modules are independant of each other and on the other they work synchronously with each of them collecting some key information and feeding into another module (Netpath is a good example).


      So what according to you experienced geniuses is the best sequence of configuring modules (not installing)? Also why do you think it is better? The thought is - should you have IPAM configured so that its configuration assists partially when deploying UDT ? Or should you deploy UDT so it has already readied some of your other module? Another example is - adding an admIn account for UDT will automatically have you ready for DNS/DHCP integration when ready to configure IPAM


      The modules in question are:

      NPM (already added and configured)







      It won't harm adding other modules in this list and the justification on why that particular order.


      Thanks mucha!