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    Real Time Traffic Flow under Monitoring Interfaces


      I already Setup NPM and NTA to Monitor the health & Traffic on Cisco PE Routers. But I am not getting the real Time Traffic output in Solar Wind monitoring Traffic. Below is the Netflow Configuration applied on Routers:  Further the Device Polling Interval is the same as default which is 120 Second and Statistics Collection 9 Minutes.


      NTA 4.2.2 V and NPM 12.1


      My Requirement is to get Real Time Traffic Output (Maximum 20 Second delay) for the Interfaces which are applies Netflow as Ingress/Egress mention below: 



      flow exporter-map EXPORTER

      version v9

        template data timeout 10000


      dscp 55

      transport udp 2055

      source Loopback100

      destination (Solarwind Server)


      flow monitor-map MONITOR

      record ipv4

      exporter EXPORTER

      cache timeout active 60

      cache timeout inactive 15


      sampler-map SAMPLER

      random 1 out-of 1


      (Configured on All Interconnected Interfaces)

      flow ipv4 monitor MONITOR sampler SAMPLER ingress

      flow ipv4 monitor MONITOR sampler SAMPLER egress



      What actions need to apply to get the Real Time Traffic Output under all Monitoring Interfaces?