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    Where SNMP logs to troubleshooting polling failure with SNMPv3


      1.) Configuring SNMPv3 on Cisco router.

      2.) Able to get read only working with MD5 and AES256, with NO context and NO password as key. Has unique username, and unique Authentication password, and a uniquely different Encryption password. I test it, works fine. So we know for this models IOS, MD5 and AES256 works with username and password combos.

      3.)   However, when we add Read/Write Creds to same device that also have a uniquely different username from the read only, and with correspondingly uniquely different Authentication and unique Encryption password, it fails.

      snmp-read-write fail.PNG

      I'm trying to find where I can view the errors the corresponding RW SNMPv3 failure is occurring in Solarwinds to better diagnose and troubleshoot the issue. Can someone point me to a log location. I tried c: program data/solarwinds/logs/orion but not seeing which log would have what I'm looking for.


      Is it NOT possible to have both a read, and read/write usernames that are unique that ALSO have uniquely different passwords for Authentication and Privacy?


      In SNMPv2, we set up two unique community string names each with different RO and RW rights which works.



      When doing SNMP walk, I get this error,



      Here;s the running config where RO works, but RW does not.