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    Is there duplication in packet count within the "Network Wide Total Bytes Transferred Today" report?


      My network averages 24 TB of data an hour throughout a 7x24 period.  Sometimes 28 TB/hr, sometimes 16 TB/hr.



      Does NPM double-up, triple-up, quadruple-up (or worse!) the actual data count when it displays this report?  Or does it "De-Duplicate" the count of bits & packets to show what's actually unique traffic?



      For example:

      1.A server living in a UCS chassis transmits data to a work station.  As it leaves UCS, the packets pass into a Nexus switch's FEX.  That's One Time they're counted.

      2.The FEX forwards the traffic up into the ACI Leaf, and from there up to the Data Center Core Nexus switch.  That's at least a Second Time the data could be counted.  Maybe a Third, depending on how that traffic from FEX to Leaf is handled.

      3.The Data Center Core switch forwards it to a Campus Core switch.  That's at least a Fourth Time the data might be counted.

      4.The Campus Core sends the data to a Campus Distribution switch.  Fifth Time of counting.

      5.The Distribution Switch sends to the Access Switch.  Sixth Time counting.

      6.The Access Switch forwards it to a PC.  Seventh Time Counting.