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    Switching from old LEM to a new LEM for agents

    shawn neuville

      We recently switched from one LEM to a new LEM. This was done to start over since the old LEM was barely usable. The new LEM has the same IP and host name the old one did. The old one has been changed to something else. This was done in hopes of not having to touch each agent and change the host name on the agent. Will the agents eventually be detected by the new LEM, so we can connect them?

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          The Agents won't automatically reconnect.  When they connected to your original LEM, they would have exchanged certificates for encrypting the log traffic.  These certificates are not going to be valid for the new LEM because they're generated at the time of deployment, so the Agents won't be able to connect (LEM will reject the connections because the certs are wrong) until you remove the old certs and set the Agents back to a "first run" state.  Support has a tool to bulk-reset Agents in cases like these, so I would check with them for that.

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