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    LEM Report Manager fails ping test


      Just installed the LEM reporting tool on a Windows server. LEM is running 6.1, Report Manager is 6.1. When I try and configure the manager info I get ping failed using the manager name or the IP. I can ping the LEM server just fine from the server I'm on but the reporting tool can't. What else can I do to diagnose this issue.

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          First, the latest version of LEM is 6.3.1HF4 (as of May 11 2017).  Upgrade the appliance and the Reports console!


          Second, I see the ping fail when Reports isn't running "As Administrator."  Even if you're logged in as an administrator, if you have UAC enabled on your system(s), you need to explicitly use the "Run as Adminisitrator" option for Reports to work and the ping to succeed.  However, I've also had Reports complete successfully even when the ping fails, so I wouldn't attach too much anxiety to whether it works or not.  If a regular CMD "ping" to the LEM works, you're probably fine.


          To be absolutely sure, you can try a CMD "telnet LEMIP 9001" and see if the LEM responds (it should).  If that works, you don't need to worry about the Reports ping test.

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