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    NTA 4.2.2 and some custom reporting I'd like to do


      I have created a report based on traffic marked in the EF class.  The goal is to be able to quickly determine (when users complain about poor quality video conference) if something is 'out of the ordinary'.


      The report currently shows all the EF marked traffic on the riverbed link, which allows me to see traffic between all the VTC units on our MPLS network.  That part works.   Now what I need to do is have another column that shows the current pps for the last hour compared to what is 'normal'.   I have the PPS for the last hour...that's easy.  It's that 'comparison to normal' that I'm struggling with.


      'Normal' can mean different things for different folks but for us, since most of our conferences are recurring events, being able to see what traffic looks like 'right now' compared to what it looks like every week at the same day of week and time...would really be helpful.  Alas I have not found away to do that.  I mean, I can manually reset that third column to show events a week past, but to truly know 'normal' I'd want to average say, every thursday at 2 pm for the last several months.  I don't see a way to do that. Thoughts?