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    Trouble shooting netflow.


      After 2 days of searching everywhere I can think for an answer I'm just going to post my question.  I am green so please be patient with my ignorance


      We have 7 sites. A tech at one of the sites alerted me that "his" netflow is broken. He can't search by an IP for his site and get any results. Upon investigation there's only one site in the Netflow sources.

      I have been told that someone who is no longer here had some vendor do a demonstration last month that might be the culprit.

      If I go into "Manage NetFlow Sources and CBQoS Polling" and tell it to show all then I can select the missing site device. I click submit & nada change.


      What's a good set of steps of things to try next or to check? Environment is almost all Cisco gear if that helps.