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    how to launch hw poll after disk size increase?


      HI Everyone,

      SW (SolarWinds) is a new thing for me, so please excuse my profane questions. Here is my question:

      I have a VM under 2008R2 that is being monitored by SW and is being polled through WMI. I increased size of one of the drives (both on VM side and in OS). How do I make SW update it's inventory to reflect the change I made? Pressing 'Poll now' and 'Rediscover' didn't help. The only thing that seems to work is deleting VM from SW inventory and re-adding it. Also, if you just leave it alone it will update somehow by itself within a day. I would like to identify what it does to update and how do I manually launch it when I need to happen. Any suggestions anyone?



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          do you have VMAN Appliance integrated with VIM in Orion?

          I think that yes, so, all data are polled by VMAN and results are sent to VIM in Orion. To get changes asap in VIM, you should go to VMAN and trigger configuration job for this data-source. (It's automatically triggered every 12 hours, and performance job every 10 minutes by default)