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    Related to DPA Monitoring

    balaji gangadharan



      DPA monitoring is suddenly stopped in one of our SQL instances. I read the DPA logs and it says invalid object name CON_SAMPLE_TEN_MINUTE_2 & CON_BLOCKING_SUM_2.

      DPA is monitoring the other SQL instances with out any issues. My question is Why it is impact this server alone? How do we start to monitor this instance? please advise.

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          This looks like some of the tables are not there for this monitored instance. It would perhaps be best to enter a support case on this one. If the schema isn't correct however you maybe able to have DPA correct the missing tables.

          go to options -> support tab -> Database query tool


          Run select ID, NAME, MONDBVERSION  from COND where name = '<your server name>'

          Validate that in this table the ID is in fact 2


          Then if this looks correct append stop the monitor and  .0 to the end of the MONDBVERSION for an Oracle repo I would be something run in the query window like this  update cond set MONDBVERSION = MONDBVERSION || '.0' where ID = 2;

          As an example this would change '' to '' which is enough for DPA to think it has changed. After the upgrade logic runs, the version will be set back to the real version.


          Restart the monitor and then check it the issue is still present. If so open a support case.