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    System Migration help


      The time has come where the hardware I'm running my current environment needs to be replaced. As the SQL server is operating well and one of the physical hosts I manage I am not planning on migrating that. I wanted to know if anyone has any lessons they learned during a similar move.


      From what I read my current process should be:

      1. Collect current installed software, best place I found to collect is within the current instance and checking the licence.
      2. Build a replacement machines, new OS more CPU & Memory. One machine for the "Primary Poller" Orion NPA and Network Traffic Analyzer. One machine for the "Additional Polling Engine"
      3. Install same versions for the running software
      4. Export setting (?) and powerdown the existing machines
      5. Import settings, change IPs on new machines to match old ones, and change any records pointing to the old machines (as needed).
      6. Update the Solarwinds software on new machines to the most recent versions.

      I have not been able to find documentation on the export/ import portions of this process, which is my I'm reaching out to the community. Does anyone know how to accomplish steps 4 and 5? Is there a better process someone has used in the the past.