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    Is it possible to assign multiple clients to the same ticket?


      Hello -


      We are trying to find a way to allow a project manager to view the progress on tickets that are being worked on for projects that they own, without the need to set the PM up as a tech and need to buy an additional license.   The way the process works, is client will submit a ticket to IT for an enhancement to an existing product or service.  Then, the entire enhancement project will be assigned to a PM.  But, all the tickets related to the project's tasks are created in WHD and assigned to techs for completion.   While the tech is working on the tickets, we would like the client who created the initial request AND the project manager assigned to the enhancement to both have the ability to look at ticket details and updates.   We tried just adding the PM to the emails as they aren't out for ticket update but there is way for the PM to view the details except in the email they receive.   When they log into WHD, they only see tickets that they are the client on.   If we set the PM as the client on the ticket, then the actual client who submitted the request can't see any details on the ticket.


      Does anyone know if there is a way to have multiple clients assigned to a ticket?   Or is there a way to allow a client to view ticket details for tickets they are not the assigned client on?   Or, is there a better way to accomplish what we are aiming for here?   Thanks for any suggestions!