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    Custom Chart - To specify both X & Y Axis


      My requirement is to count all alerts based on severity and then present its value as bar graph.


      I have written the following query in this regard.


      Select  C.Severity,  Count (*) AS Total from AlertStatusView A

          INNER JOIN AlertObjects B ON A.AlertObjectID = B.AlertObjectID

                      INNER JOIN AlertConfigurations C ON B.AlertID = C.AlertID

          INNER JOIN NodesCustomProperties D ON D.NodeID = B.RelatedNodeId

                      Group by C.Severity having COUNT (*) >= 1

                      Order by C.Severity DESC


      I get two outputs severity & total (sum of alerts for each sev).


      I want to display severity in x-axis and total in left y-axis but in custom chart there’s no option to plot x-axis and this is by default assigned to timestamp.


      Please advise how I can plot this graph or if there are any other ways.