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    Could we improve Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 with NPM?


      Given:  I enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy.


      Expectation:  Guardians 2 might be interesting, but would likely fall short of its predecessor.  Hey, it's a sequel, and since when are sequels better than the original?


      Reality:  Guardians 2:

      • Was completely captivating.  There wasn't a dull minute (for me), and I never regretted being there.

      • Made a theater experience positive again--folks in the audience were participating in collective gasps of dismay, or spontaneous group laughter, or cheering.

      • Provided unexpectedly good depth to characters.  Empathy and pathos were established for each of the characters, and I ended up "walking a mile in their shoes" and appreciating their reasons for being what they've become.


      • Met my needs for Kurt Russell at the end
      • Should be seen after watching Guardians 1--I gave myself a refresher by watching Guardians 1 before going to 2; that was good.  Seeing Guardians 1, I believe, is mandatory for getting the most out of the new movie's character development.


      But could NPM have improved it?


      Perhaps by:

      • Improving application performance by highlighting what's slow and reporting it to Net Admins, Apps Analysts, SysAdmins, and SAN Team, thus reducing engineer/designer wait times, thereby improving employee efficiency, and ultimately getting the movie into theaters sooner.  Which means more profits for everyone involved.
      • Reporting traps and syslog events quickly to Security and performance teams, reducing risks of hackers stealing concepts or interfering with development or production.
      • Showing design servers and PC's with high error rates and performance problems, getting the right folks on top of the issues to correct them quickly, resulting in CGI designers getting more work out of their hardware on a timely basis.


      Without giving up spoilers to those who haven't seen GOTG-2, how do you imagine SolarWinds products would improve this sequel?