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    VMAN on Hyper-V Challenges


      We are a big Hyper-V shop and I recently embarked on setting up VMAN and have had nothing but problems.  For starters the instructions for setting up VMAN on Hyper-V didn't work.  We run Hyper-V in a clustered environment and therefore use System Center Virtual Machine Manager to manage the environment; there are no instructions that take this into consideration.  I then decided to just setup a shell VM and attach the disks from the VMAN download, in doing this I found that the disks are the old VHD format and not the new VHDX format; I have also not been able to get this method to work.


      I tried calling SW support on this and it immediately became clear that the support person had likely never seen a hyper-v environment before and he just kept deferring to the instructions that were not working.  He eventually pointed me to a THIS article about a known issue which was of no help as it still assumes I am managing my environment with Hyper-V manager not System Center VMM.


      Has anybody else ran into these problems and what did you do to resolve them and get VMAN deployed?


      Also, I would love to see SolarWinds beef up their instructions to be more current and include environments manged by SC-VMM, their disk images to be the more current VHDX's and their support guys to know about deploying on Hyper-V.