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    Job to Determine SSH Access




      I was wondering if there is a way via job or something to determine if I can log into a device via SSH and if not default it to Telnet? Looking for all options on this.



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          Parker Robinson

          Just so I'm clear, when you say "default to Telnet", you are saying that you want to use a Telnet account in NCM to connect to your device? 


          If so,

          What you can do is add the SSH account as the "Global default connection profile".  Any new or existing device in NCM that doesn't have a specific connection profile assigned to it will inherit this Global default connection profile.  Try backing up a config on all devices in Configuration Management.  For the ones that fail(due to SSH not being supported), select all of them, and change their connection profile to the Telnet account in Edit Properties. 


          Another way to do this is by NCM Compliance Reporting.  You could create a compliance report rule that checks for SSH configuration string(s).  When you run that report, you will then have a list of devices that do not have SSH enabled or the correct SSH configuration.  Then select all of those devices in NCM configuration management, and change their connection profile to the Telnet one in Edit Properties. 


          Hope this helps,

          - Parker

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              It is also worth noting that under the advanced NCM settings you can enable an option for it to automatically test different credentials when the current profile fails.  As long as you have already built an SSH and Telnet version of the profile and checked the box in each profile to allow them to be automatically assigned this will sort you all out.


              On the Advanced settings>

              On the individual Connection Profiles >

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                  Parker Robinson

                  Excellent.  I didn't know that is how that feature operated.  I always thought it was only used in Node Discovery.  I've always steered clear of providing NCM connection profiles to any Node Discovery, and managed Nodes with NCM manually because of the bug that doesn't allow you to remove connection profiles from discoveries.  This bug has been fixed with NCM version 7.6.


                  Thanks, mesverrum.