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    Turn off hardware polling for ICMP nodes.?


      Morning guys/gals.


      We have a stack of ICMP only nodes being monitored for basic up-downs etc.

      They fail the hardware health monitoring with 'undefined' which looks scruffy on our screens.

      Not to mention the countless questions I get from colleagues asking why its broken.

      Surely if the node is a ICMP node then it should not even attempt to check hardware status?

      Can this SNMP only feature be disabled somehow for ICMP nodes. ?

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          I have never seen this before with a straight up ICMP only node. Is it possible they used to be SNMP managed and someone changed them back to ICMP only? I have seen similar behavior when that has been done, or when someone changes the community string on a SNMP node at the node side and doesn't tell anyone. Try deleting and re-adding one as ICMP only and see if it fixes it. That's what I have done in the past.

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              I'm sure these nodes have always been an ICMP node, created this way and not changed from SNMP..

              This is the reply from SW TAC today:


              " It is expected behavior that the Hardware health monitoring would show as Undefined state because no information for it can be polled if the device is polled via ICMP, (ICMP would only be able to poll status, response time and packet loss) Hardware health monitoring is polled via SNMP so it showing as Undefined state is a normal behavior. "


              So it is expected to happen.

              I have asked if it can be turned off.


              Seems like a flaw in the system; that ICMP nodes still try to use SNMP with no options to disable..

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              This is really strange - are you seeing that 'could not poll' message on the Node Details page for the device in question?