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    installing msu patches - when??


      It has been a long time since anyone asked about installing a Microsoft msu patch.   I played around with it for a while trying to run another custom patch and adding in wusa.exe installing my msu patch but ti was a LOT of work and it never quite worked right for me - I don't have a lot of hours to tweak it so that it installs for future just built computers...


      Can we either allow msu patches to be installed like any other Microsoft patch or at least let me directly build a custom patch for it?


      The last update I found while googling for this was in 2012... have we all just given up? 


      I saw some recent activity questioning weather Patch Manager is dead...  the conversation went offline though - which is a bit unfair to all the rest of us?  Who do WE have to all call and say we want development resources applied to Patch manager?  Definitely not enough!!  The other person was using Shavlik (used it... quirky but at least it is improving over time!) and hadn't been using Patch Manager for a year...    start a new forum - contact your customers... get us involved.. but show some results too!


      This moved away from installing msu patches....   If you have read this far and have a solid method for installing msu patches - please reply to this.