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    Developing Device Studio Pollers - Examples Requested


      Greetings fellow thwack-heads -


      I have been using UnDPs for years, dealing with various devices that aren't well-supported out-of-the-box.  In most cases, these UnDPs are built to handle "Wireless Access Points" from various vendors, and are used to provide RF spectrum management information (frequency, power, noise, signal, data rates, etc).  We all have our 'special needs' and the UnDP system is a pretty good way to allow us to meet those needs.  I am hoping that Device Studio Pollers will further allow me to automate and streamline node construction.


      One of the difficulties I have had with all of these UnDPs is in getting them assigned when nodes are discovered/imported. Historically, there was no way to tie in to the discovery process, or intercept the node creation process, to address this.  I have therefore written a few hundred lines of Python code to use SWIS to handle building nodes and getting these assignments right, consistently.  I had hoped that the Device Studio Pollers, with their ability to be tied into discovery operations, would be able to address this, but there doesn't seem to be any facility for assigning UnDPs automatically as part of a Device Studio Poller.

      So, I suppose that's probably a feature request, but I'll phrase it as a question:  Is there a way to automatically assign UnDPs to nodes when they are imported, based upon what type of node it is?


      My second question/request is for OPEN examples of Device Studio Pollers - ones we can review, copy, and edit to meet our own needs.  The documentation provided is, well, 'thin' might be a polite way of putting it.  Some (well-commented) examples would go a long way toward addressing this.


      In particular, I'm interested in what the Wireless Access Point DS Poller is doing.  As I said, I've got fleets of different sorts of APs  (Ubiquiti, Cambium, Siklu, ...) and none of them are handled properly by the built-in Wireless Access Point code (can't determine number of clients, for example, let alone anything heat-map related) because they have that information stashed behind different OIDs than NPM is expecting.  It's clear you folks put tons of effort behind some really cool widgets and reports relating to wireless, all of which do me no good.  I'd like to share the fruits of that effort, if I could.  I'm hoping there's some way I can tie these alternate OIDs in, so that the stock web widgets and reports can treat these like 'proper' Access Points.


      I am unable to "Duplicate & Edit" any of the built-in (or thwack-sourced) Device Studio Pollers (like there's some proprietary-information guard on them all), and as I said, the documentation is relatively light.


      Is it possible for users to 'crack open' the pre-packaged Device Studio Pollers so that we can use them as examples of 'how to do it right' so that we can then adapt them to meet our own needs?