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    Report Writer Reports


      Orion NPM 12.x


      I am a firm lover of the old ReportWriter. It lets me create reports that the web version won't. For instance, using the ReportWriter I can create a report from a linked SQL server. The web report doesn't.


      I can create a ReportWriter report and include it in the Report web resource. I can't include a web based report in the report resource.


      But I do have a question. When I create a new ReportWriter report, how long does it take for it to show up in the list of reports when selecting using the 'Report from the Orion Report Writer' resource? Can you run a script or process to get it to show up in the resource any faster?

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          Hey Sotherls, I work on multiple SW environments. Every environment I manage publishes reports immediately, if I had to guess a time I would say that it's easily under 1 second.


          The only thing that comes to mind for latency aside from insufficient resources on your NPM box is the report not saving to the reports folder.

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            I LIKE EGGS

            Could also depend on the query some larger queries can take an awfully long time to execute. Try seeing 'TOP' 5 and use the 'group by' functions if possible.

            You should also consider the amount of resources that you have loading into a single page and the amount of users that concurrently use the platform this may reduce the transaction times.


            You should give 'Hubble' a go, to help determine the bottle neck.

            Also a reboot of the PPE never hurts


            Try checking out the logs iv seen previous environments that give you error logs due to 'long running queries'


            ps reportwriter is awesome