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    Building a new Solarwinds enviroment


      Hi all


      Currently in the proccess of setting up a solarwinds enviroment with full fail over capabilities.


      So ill be having a duplicate set up of the primary sql, pollers and webbroswer in another Datacentre.


      My question really is when adding devices into the active pollers in Data centre 1, Do i need to manually add the same devices to the pollers in Datacentre 2?? Or do i leave those pollers active and collecting data at the same time??


      Also is VPN a viable method of the sql servers replicating their data across?

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          Are you using HA or do you plan on duplicating all work on both environments?  Here is how I would set it up.  Others may have better suggestions.


          Pollers:  A poller at each site.  Each poller would be in a HA pair with one at the other site.

          Web Servers:  Load balanced web servers across the data centers.

          SQL:  Solarwinds doesn't have HA for SQL, but you could use a SQL cluster configuration and spread them across the datacenters.

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            Hi Mprobus


            Thanks for the speedy response, much appreciated.


            I was going with the sql cluster config as advised as aware that the SQL doesnt have HA. thanks for confirming.


            Its more the pollers i was struggling on, So the pollers can be HA paired. so if the if i have 3 pollers located within the DC (Due amount of devices to be monitored) im assumming that the 2ndary would need 3 pollers also which are configured HA Paired?


            Were in the early design phase and what we would like doing is to have a fail over option. Specifically around the SQL Server going offline and or the Pollers, it needs to be split across 2 data centres and looks likely that if we to lose any of the devices such as the sql or pollers we would still have visibility via the secondary set up if required.